Ray Gilbert isn’t someone you would call a “nice guy,” but he is a hard-working cardiologist who gives a damn about his job. When Ray starts seeing patients who received medical devices they might not need, he tries to figure out why.

Spurned by his superiors and professional societies, Ray turns to Tiffany Springer, an eager but naive newspaper reporter—and Ray’s new lover—to tell his story. Her articles gain national acclaim. Ray and Tiffany ride the crest of their success … until they came to an untimely end with drug overdose as the probable cause of death.

What really happened to Tiffany and Ray? Do their deaths have something to do with the unnecessary medical devices? As Ray’s mentor, Dr. Philip Sarkis can’t help but question the reports. His suspicions lead him to seek the help of his partner and a private investigator. However, as previously proven, digging into medicine’s big money is a deadly business.

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